Home Security – The Common Mistakes


When it comes to the way a burglar operates, you should know that they are not as the ones depicted in movies and they are also not that crafted into finding the breach with every home security system that appears on the market. There is however a thing that burglars can take advantage of when targeting a house: they speculate on the mistakes that many home owners do.

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The following lines will show you what are those common mistakes many home owners do:

* The first thing that comes to our mind when approaching this issue is that a yard can be left unattended, meaning that trees and bushes are left to grow at their will allowing intruders to find them as great hide outs. Even worse, if there are trees close to the house walls, then their branches could serve as escalating mean to the house windows.

* Another common mistake is seen as the negligence of the home owners to leave tools outside that can be easily used by intruders in their way to break in.

* What other mistake can be there in the home security plan of your residence than the one of leaving the spare key in places that can be easily guessed by criminal minds. Therefore do not use the flowers pots or the mat of the doorstep to hide this key. Even the less experienced burglar will check over there. The one who will watch your house for a potential breaking and entering will definitely see you hiding the key in the specific spot and this is as if you simply invite him to do the ‘job’.

* Forgetting to lock the garage door and also allowing it to be unsecured is another common mistake when it comes to home security. You might wonder how come that this is an issue related to securing the home and not the garage. The thing is that the majority of the garages connect mostly to the house through a connection door and if this one is not properly secured, then it will give the burglar the opportunity to hide in case something is not going as intended.

* At this aspect we have to add another mistake – leaving an extra key of the house in the car. In this situation many of the burglars will check the car for this extra key and if they are lucky enough they might find one in the car’s dashboard. Thus you have already helped these individuals to reach to a ‘job’ half done.

According to the lines from above there is not too much that you have to do in order to ensure a basic home security measure for your residence. What is there needed the mostly is to form the habits such as locking away the tools, securing the garage and sheds doors, trimming the trees and the bushes so no human body to be able to hide behind any of those ones. Taking into account these ‘rules’ you can say that you have covered the basic of a home security plan.


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