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At Blue Light Security we specialize in installing new ADT monitored wireless security systems, wired security systems and activating existing home security systems. Below you will find the information about home security equipment used in residential security, with simple explanations of each part. Links are provided if you would like more in depth product information.

home security equipmentHome Security Equipment

Dealing with life’s unknowns is that much easier when you’re familiar with your home security equipment. From the keypads to mobile devices, the typical security system has so many components that it’s well worth your time to get familiar with them. Here’s a rundown of what you need to know in order to get the most out of your alarm system:

Home Security Equipment: The basics

When reviewers praise a company for providing the best home security equipment, it’s often because the company supplies high-quality, essential accessories for keeping homes safe and sound. So what devices can you expect from a top-grade company? These are a few of the items you’re likely to see:

  • Digital keypads: Effective home security equipment hinges on the keypad controlling it. In the event of an emergency, a strategically located keypad allows for one-touch access and immediate connectivity with police, fire and medical dispatch. In short, a keypad acts as the command center for your entire security system.
  • Motion detectors: Running a household demands a lot of hustle and bustle. That’s why it’s important to distinguish between your household’s day-to-day and any abnormal commotion. The best home security equipment comes with motion detectors that incorporate infrared technology to distinguish between your pet and any unwanted guests.
  • Audible alarms: One of the smartest ways to fend off intrusion is by equipping your home with high decibel sirens. Brand-name home security equipment will typically include an alert system that works to startle intruders and simultaneously notify you of an emergency. It seems simple, but having a siren installed is one of the best home security measures you can take.


home security equipment

Additional home security equipment

Security system equipment isn’t limited to the space inside your home. In fact, there are many precautions you can add to the outside of your house in order to boost your peace of mind.

Think about yard signs and window decals, for starters. The best home security equipment usually comes with outdoor markers to ward off any potential break-ins before they happen. Also, things such as outdoor security cameras and mobile notifications are now more commonly integrated with standard security system equipment.

If you’re searching for superior protection for your house, you’ll want to take a good look at the supplementary features available with a company’s monitoring packages.

The right equipment makes all the difference

It’s a homeowner’s duty to protect his or her residence. Whether you already have a family or you’re just purchasing your first house, the right surveillance equipment can alleviate some of the stress that accompanies homeownership. Instead of worrying about your household’s well-being every time you leave home, make a point to seek out the best home security deals in your area and get professional monitoring services from the industry specialists.

Furthermore, be sure to ask about the range of equipment available with your purchase. It’s the least you can do for yourself and the place you call home.



Security System Keypad

The basic function of your security keypad is to arm and disarm your security system and see the status of your system.  One of the most important benefits of the keypad is that it has police, medical and fire panic buttons for home emergencies.  You may also program a code for hostage situations or home invasion.

One of the other popular features of the keypad is the chime mode. When your security system is disarmed you can turn on the chime mode to beep when one of the sensored doors or windows opens and closes. Parents like the chime mode to notify them when the kids are going in and out and is especially useful when families have a pool in the back yard and have little children.

There are two basic ways to arm your security system.

STAY MODE arms your perimeter door and window sensors and glass break sensors.

AWAY MODE arms your perimeter protection and also the motion sensors.

Security Door and Window Sensors

The most important home security equipment: Door and window sensors can be wireless like the photo to the right or hard wired contacts if your home is pre-wired for home security. Door and window sensors provide perimeter protection and sound the alarm when armed doors or windows are opened.  The 5815 is the ideal solution for installations where small size and aesthetics are important. It provides a reliable, convenient and cost-effective solution for door and window protection.Wireless sensors are designed to protect the perimeter of your home and to stop potential invaders from ever making it inside. Since over 90% off all burglaries include a door, either for entry or exit, these devices give you a chance to react without ever confronting an intruder.

Wireless Motion Detectorhome security equipment

The ultimate protection for the inside of your home. Covers a large open area or hallway with high traffic. Great addition to door and window sensors to provide additional protection, while saving money.Using Split Zone Optics technology, the PIR Motion Detector ignores pets and other animals up to 80 pounds while continuing to detect even crawling intruders.

Wireless Keychain Remote Control

home security equipmentWith this home security equipment the press of a single button lets you operate your security system from anywhere on your property up to 200 feet away.Press the panic button to immediately sound the siren and dispatch the police. You can even program the button to alert medical personnel if you have medical concerns.

Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector

Critical to your family’s safety, photoelectric smoke/heat detector provide the ultimate protection of life and property. Since they install without drilling holes or running wires, they preserve the beauty of your home while protecting it. A fire can kill you and your family or destroy everything you own in minutes. Invest in a wireless smoke detector for your LYNX or Vista wireless control panel.


Why Wireless is Better

The ADT Monitored home security equipment helps protect your home through the use of a state-of-the-art, 6-center network. This offers a level of protection that can’t be matched by other companies. The decision to purchase a wireless home alarm system shouldn’t be taken lightly, that’s why ADT makes customer education and satisfaction a priority. The more you know, the better choices you’ll make about your family’s security.

With an ADT monitored wireless system, you’re getting the best home security money can buy. The ADT system comes armed with 3 points of protection for windows and doors, an infrared motion detector, high-decibel alarm and more! Installation of your wireless system will be handled professionally and will be scheduled at your convenience.