Alarm Monitoring Services

More People Than Ever Are Choosing Alarm Monitoring Services

alarm monitoring servicesHome security is ranked as the highest concern of homeowners. In a recent Rice University study more than seventy-five per cent of those surveyed admitted to being very concerned or somewhat concerned about home security. It’s not just paranoia. Somewhere in America, a home is robbed or broken into every fourteen seconds people have become more likely than ever before to choose an alarm monitoring service.It is no wonder homeowners are choosing alarm monitoring services to safeguard their homes and families.

But what service to choose? There are thousands of them available with a wide array of options. ADT, a reliable security firm with over a century of proven security in over six thousand Canadian homes, is frequently asked for advice in selecting the home security alarm monitoring services that will meet the needs of their clients.

When people talk with trained professionals at ADT, they realize that, no matter how simple or complicated a home security system is, it is of minimal use without an effective monitoring service.

Basically an alarm monitoring service such as the ADT monitoring package provides the homeowner with a connection to a monitoring center where trained professional monitor their clients’ homes 24/7 365 days a year. Besides round-the-clock scrutiny of your alarm system, ADT offers technical support. They will get your system installed, running properly, monitor it, check regularly to ensure it is working and reset it when required.

The cost of this service varies with the company and what is included in the alarm monitoring service. Many companies like ADT install free and some provide the alarm system if you subscribe to their service for a minimum amount of time—two years is standard. Alarm monitoring charges can run as low as $11.95 a month. ADT offers a monitoring service starting at a little over ten dollars a month.

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated a system is. It is only as good as its being operating correctly and linked to a monitoring service such as ADT’s alarm monitoring service. When you put big bucks into buying, furnishing and/or renovating a home, it is only natural to want to ensure its safety. Of even more concern is the safety of your family.  Often botched burglaries end in death or injury of the residents of that home. ADT will offer choices between different styles of alarm monitoring services and their knowledgeable staff at ADT will recommend features in alarm monitoring services that best suits your needs.


Blue Light Security is a Premier ADT Authorized Dealer.


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